Press Release

Oprah Winfrey,

Good Morning. We are here with Latasha Dale, the founder and creator of It’s Time to Thrive, a program that incorporates yoga, mindfulness, the fundamentals of food and nutrition, and self-defense to young ladies between the ages of 9-15. It is a program developed specifically for girls suffering from trauma, neglect, and abuse. Though the program started in Philadelphia, it has since been adopted by group homes, schools, and other institutions in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.

(Oprah looks out towards the audience)  Won’t you help me welcome Latasha Dale?

(I come out onto the stage wearing a cream colored pant-suit and red heels. My hair is salt and pepper, and it’s styled in ocean waves from the 1920’s. There are over 10,000 people in the room. Young and old men. Women fresh from the local spa and young girls who have spent all day behind the computer studying. The temperature in the room seems to have increased a bit, but all I can see, feel, or even think about is all of the love that people are showering me with by being in attendance.

There is so much love and support in the room for me that it’s overwhelming. My cheeks are red and my eyes are glowing. I take the seat across from Oprah and she begins.)

O, Let’s begin with the concept of It’s Time To Thrive. How did it come about?

Me, Experience. It was my own personal experience that led me to create this program. There was a lot of drug abuse and neglect in my family when I was a child, and as a result of that, the state removed from my parents’ home. Of course, this had a damaging effect on me growing up, but luckily, I was determined to heal myself of this.

O, So, the program It’s Time to Thrive is an accumulation of some of the things you found most helpful to you on your journey to healing.

Me, Yes.

O, Tell me about the self-defense aspect of your program.

Me, I decided to add self-defense to the course after hearing about a young lady who was kidnapped on Halloween night in 2015. She had just exited a gas station where she had made a purchase and was immediately grabbed and dragged for 15 feet, where she forced into a minivan. On the surveillance video you can see that not one person helped this young lady. I thought to myself that if that young lady only knew a technique to break away from her captive, or how to cave his Adam’s apple in without even breaking a nail, it would have done her some good.

O, We know that your program has helped thousands and thousands of young ladies reclaim their sense of self-worth, but how does it feel when you finally get to meet one of them?

Me, There is no greater feeling than knowing that you did not miss your purpose in life. Whenever I receive an email or a note from some young lady praising me for teaching them what every young girl in the world should know, I am validated.

O, Does the attention ever go to your head?

Me, No. Because I look at my job like this; I am just here to remind you of how amazing and brilliant and important you are. Nothing more. Nothing less. I’m not doing anything that a parent wouldn’t do. The only thing about me is that I go where the undesirables are, the abused, the neglected and I reveal to them their truth. They, like us, are made of star dust. They are great!

O, Okay. Well, there you have it folks. Latasha Dale, founder of It’s Time to Thrive. We’ll be back right after this commercial.


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