Week 19 & 20 (Getting comfortable with the squeeze)


Week 19 & 20 (Getting comfortable with the squeeze)

There is just so much going on in my life right now that makes me want to scream. Instead, I applied the law of substitution and came up with this mantra:

I am comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Sometimes I have to chant it. Other times I can just say it once, or twice, before the frustration dissipates. Other times I am repeating it over and over and over again, with my head tilted to the side and drool falling from my lips.

I am comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What it seems to do is reduce my heart rate, while at the same time keep me rooted in my skin instead of my overactive imagination.


Yeah, reality.

Anyway, give it a try when you feel life squeezing the life out of you. J It really helps to keep you focused on what’s important (and as we have learned from Mark, and the fabulous Davene, not everything is.)

Until next time!


Blog Post 18 (The Roof is On Fire…)

…we don’t need no water let the motherf*cker burn, burn mother*cker, BURN!!!

It takes years (not months) to cement a new blue print. Months to start to get rid of the old one, months to consciously have an earnest desire for something else, and then months to begin the tedious long and arduous process of building a new one.

When I first started the MKMMA course, I was so damn hard on myself. If I missed a reading, I would beat myself. When I didn’t get my blog posts out on WordPress on time, I’d feel terrible. If I didn’t complete a service like I promised myself I would, I’d feel like an absolute failure.


Because I really wanted to build a new blueprint for myself. This was not a game or something I was doing to pass time. No. Latasha M. Dale is determined to create a life of my own choosing. I am determined to take my life by the horns and make it bow before me.

So the pressure I placed upon myself was because I know what’s on the line and what’s at risk if I don’t follow through with my dreams and aspirations. The applied pressure was really as simple as that.

However, this is no longer true for me. I have stopped belittling myself whenever I miss a reading because I can say with absolute certainty that the new blue print is here, to stay!

Big things are popping and little things are stopping.

I have changed! I am not the same person I was before. So I don’t have to carry around as much weight and guilt as I was in the beginning weeks when everything was brand new. 19 weeks in allows you to breathe a little easier. And who wouldn’t like that for themselves, right?

Now on to the GREAT news: One of the goals in my DMP was to work with young ladies suffering from trauma and abuse.

Well, guess what?

Last Friday, I was offered a position at Temple University as an Outreach Worker. But instead of working with young ladies, I will be working with their mothers. My job is to provide the women with the tools necessary to be a better parent.

And you know what else? Because I am an employee of Temple, I get to go to school for FREE! I’m not the only one either. As long as I am a Temple employee, anyone in my immediate family gets to go to school for FREE!

It’s pretty clear that the MKMMA program has unleashed something that’s been hidden dormant inside of me for years, and I’m just glad that it wasn’t too late to tap into it.



Week 17 (Staying the course)

With my daughter going back to college, my going back to college, getting the homework completed for the first two weeks of Financial Peace University, and the homework completed for Dream Catchers, I fell off significantly this past week. I’m talking about fell off to the point where Og was read once a day, the index cards were flashed about twice a day, no “real” sits, no obituary reads (although I did go out and grab the newspapers) I didn’t comment on anyone else’s blogs, write my own, or even really keep the last hour of my day sacred.

But it turns out that none of that seemed to matter much because the moment I did find the time to flash the cards or listen to Og, I felt caught up. Like I hadn’t really missed much. Especially when you’re going through the index cards. It’s kind of hard to beat yourself up when you keep reading all of the amazing things you’ve did and continue to do on a daily basis.

It’s like, Did I do THAT?

And then your subby is all like,

Why, yes, I believe I did.

Pretty cool, right?

And while there is still a great deal of services, homework, and assignments that needs to get done this week, there is less anxiety and more laser-like focus.