Week 16 (Building a New Blueprint)

Everyone has come to the MKMMA experience for something different. Some of us because we wanted to increase our income. Others because we lacked the courage to take a leap of faith in our careers. Some came strictly to see what the hoopla was all about. While others came because the program came highly recommended by someone they either love, respect, or both.
As for me, I am in the latter group. A cousin suggested that I apply for a scholarship (which I did) and was accepted. Admittedly, once in, I was like, “what the hell did I get myself into?”
Fair question, right?
I mean, here I am (a passionate fun-loving stay-at-home mother, short story writer, homemade psychologist, part-time healer, and a licensed esthetician that isn’t currently practicing) networking and rubbing fingertips over the internet with people who have established careers, large beautiful homes, 8 figure bank accounts, and pretty much a clear idea of what they are going to do with the rest of their lives.
Talk about feeling out of my league.
So what I did one day was, sit down, and really think about how I could still benefit from the MKMMA Program even though I am not like many of the other members, and that’s when it hit me. I will use the MKMMA Program to build a new blue print, to establish and become slaves to new habits, and to live a life of my own choosing by selecting my thoughts with the same enthusiasm and care as I do my outfit for the day.
And since that day, that’s exactly what I’ve been using the program for. To help me get rid of old ways and behaviors that were no longer serving me, replacing them with habits that I can be proud of.
An early morning sit. An early morning read. A visualization. Gratitude cards. A mastermind alliance. A midday read. A DMP. An understanding of the seven laws of the mind. An evening read. Beautiful, heartfelt recordings. And more.
Maybe you can relate?


7 thoughts on “Week 16 (Building a New Blueprint)

  1. Beautiful! I certainly can relate and I’m so grateful you wrote more of a description of yourself. Making the decision to create your new Blueprint is so powerful! You radiate so much light and your generous heart is experienced by all of your MasterMind Tribe. Thank you for showing up, deciding you’re doing this for yourself and staying in there with the new Blueprint and habits


  2. Way to go Camilla! You can be what you want to be, without worrying about what everyone else thinks. Your words tell me you are strong. Your strength tells me you are beautiful. You ARE succeeding!


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