Week 13 (Service Card)


Has anyone besides me had the experience of not completing one service they had written down on their index card?

For me, it’s cleaning out my closet. I am completing every other thing I have written down, but not that one. Now I have to transfer it onto another card and wonder if I’ll have the same problem. It’s driving me crazy! Seriously. Of course, I’m sure somebody will try to link it together with some deep seated issue that I’m not ready to face. And that’s okay, because they are probably correct. But, if it’s not beginning to chap my ass! Like, just clean out the closet already.

This is the second week that I’ve completed every other task but that one. And it’s really not about time because with it being the Christmas season, I have plenty of that.

Anyway, I’ve been writing the 3 things I’m grateful for down on the index cards every night and the pile is growing like crazy. I notice they went from really simple things I’ve accomplished in the past to much more complex things like, “I’m not afraid to take constructive criticism.” The transition has been pretty amazing to witness. Leaving me to believe that not everything is about accomplishments. Sometimes it’s about the ways you’ve had to adopt in order to get Point A to Point B.

Well, I have to get ready to entertain family and friends.

Happy New Year to each of you, especially you.


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