Week 12 (Staring in the Mirror)

So, there I am, in all of my flesh and glory, with all of my strengths and weaknesses, staring into my bathroom mirror. I make sure the door is locked so that I am not interrupted by the children or the husband. At first, I am sitting down on the bathroom counter repeating my one sentence, but several minutes into it, I feel the need to doze off. Then I stand up and begin moving around repeating the same sentence over and over and over and over again. Yea, I proclaim it.

Suddenly, it’s as if the sentence, my enthusiasm, my faith, and my new blueprint mesh all together to take on a life of its own. Before you know it, I grab my fire engine red curling irons and begin speaking into it as if it were a microphone.

Latasha is standing in front of a room filled with people after being introduced by Ms. Keys. The people seated down on the floor are doctors who specialize in healing trauma, psychologists, sociologists, teachers, brain surgeons, and therapists from all over the world. In their hands I see note pads, lap tops, pens and pencils as they (like me) have been taking notes all day in order to make use of in their own professions.

I start off by smiling and looking deep into the eyes of the people seated before me. There is no fear, just a wonderful and sweet feeling of excitement as I have finally arrived to my goal. After taking a long deep breath, I begin, “My name is Latasha Dale. Currently, I am studying the effects of trauma on the brain, mind, and body with Dr. Bezzel Van Der Kolk at the Trauma Center located in Brookline, Massachusetts, and the program I founded, TIME To THRIVE, is now being taught at five different schools in the city of Philadelphia where I was born and raised. With all of that aside, I think it’s also important for me to let you know that I am a woman who always keeps her promises. Again, my name is Latasha Dale. You can find out more information about my program online. It’s an honor to be here with all of you. Thank you!”

I receive a standing ovation. And a smile shoots up from the pits of my stomach that I’ve never felt or seen on my face before. It’s a magical moment. It’s surreal. I have made it into a room of brilliant, educated, people fully devoted to helping people reclaim ownership of their lives and body after suffering from years of trauma. And I can think of nothing better or no other people I would like to be in the same room with.

I do this over and over again. I see the people. I hear my voice. I thank the presenter. I marvel at the number of folks in the crowd. I can smell the aroma of coffee that’s in the air. I hear the guy on the fourth row cough twice.

When my oldest daughter knocks on the door, it is 5:59, and I am just amazed at how the time flew by. I run back to the computer but I want just a few more minutes in the mirror. Because when I can look myself in the eye, and repeat what I desire over and over again, it becomes real. There isn’t a feeling of restlessness or boredom or even the feeling that such a goal can’t be achieved.

Anyway, after doing this exercise, and after the MKMMA Alliance comes to an end, I am going to work with a career coach. This course has really gotten me to take a good hard look at myself and suddenly I am able to pin point where the holes in my thinking are. It is these holes and character traits that I’ll share with my career coach so that they can help hold me accountable.

But, it’ll be me who moves the mountain though. It can only be me.


4 thoughts on “Week 12 (Staring in the Mirror)

  1. Latasha, I loved reading this post and had to smile because I know you will move mountains to get what you truly desire… your attitude and persistence will get you there. (mega applause)


  2. Latasha, you got this so RIGHT!! It will be YOU that moves the mountains! You’ve allowed yourself to align with Universal MInd and now that you’re witnessing your own radiant brilliance, there’s only moving forward!!! I understand you’re desire to be contributing to other professionals who have devoted their lives to helping others become freed up from traumatic events. It’s been a very similar calling in my life. Congratulations on making sure the door was locked and setting the stage for you to have the microphone and so clearly experience yourself in center stage! Very well done, LaTasha!! I’m with Dan, BRAVA!!!!


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