Week 10 (A Master Mind)


Even without the webinar last week, I was able to maintain focus on my daily readings and sittings. This impressed me immensely as I am the type of person to normally lose focus when the holidays come around.

Because my husband is an avid television watcher, I have not been able to shut off all of the televisions in my home BUT because the New Year is coming, I am going to tell him and the children it’s one of the things I want to give up. It will be only for a week, unless I like the results and then I’ll extend it to ten days. By doing this, I am preparing EVERYONE for what is about to come and the backlash won’t be so terrible.

I’ll admit, that since I am not an entrepreneur or have a business (at this time) where I am responsible for selling services of any sort, I have begun to feel largely left-out of the MKMMMA experience. Especially when it comes to Tweeting and talking to others in the Alliance area. However, the fact that in 2016 and 2017 that will all change as I begin working with young ladies, the feeling is not one that really stays with me. But I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t be nice to have a career NOW so that I could go to work each day using Og’s advice.  Greeting my coworkers with love. Greeting my supervisor with love. Greeting the young ladies with more love. Being persistent when it came to getting more resources for my young ladies etc. Realizing that there is no way I could lose. Even as I typed that out, my body grew hot, so I’m just imagining how it will be in the future when I can really use everything that I’m learning out in the real world.

Last Monday, at the suggestion of my guide, I and two other people from her group began to mastermind. Both of them are yellow and I’m a red, so it’s going to be pretty interesting to see what kind of encouragement, help, and ideas we all come up with together.

Has anyone else realized that there are only fifteen more weeks left before we come to the end of the program? I have. Can’t say that I’m thrilled about it either. In fact, I’ve decided that when it ends, I’m going to (with the exception of the webinar) repeat the program one week at a time just as we’ve been doing now. I really want to strengthen all that I’ve learned so that my new blue print is cemented and mountain-solid. Because as Mark and Davene and Og have all said, with this sort of thinking, there isn’t anything we can’t achieve. And it doesn’t matter what we’re trying to do, or in what areas of our lives we’re trying to make great. It’s our thinking that will carry us over the hurdles and onto the promise land. I also am going to repeat the program because I have a lot of things I will accomplish in the future so it’s essential that my mind state be stronger than anything I face.

Another reason I’m going to repeat the program once it’s come to an end is because it makes you feel totally amazing about yourself and helps you to see opportunities that you might have missed before. Since I’ve started with the MKMMA program, dots have started to connect, and the confidence that I’ve gained have opened doors to places that were once shut to me. Because, let’s be honest, if you have the wrong kind of energy, nothing but the wrong kinds of thoughts, dots, and energy comes back to you. This is so apparent now.


3 thoughts on “Week 10 (A Master Mind)

  1. Well I never thought of taking the coarse over unless I got the boot. LOL Yes it is a fantastic feeling. The support from the guides, the replies to our blogs all make us feel like we are the most important individuals in the world. Yes it will be hard to face the end. But look at what we take with us. The teachings and all those new contacts we now call family.


  2. Journalling your thoughts with the clarity and openness proves you can be what you will to be AND you owe it to yourself to dance to the beat of your own drum… be the star in your own movie, not an extra. Content is a dangerous state and limits unfolding or expanding into our true self.

    oops… l let that opinion slip out… shucks.

    Congratulations for this post and don’t settle for less than being your best self! Cheers!
    Dennis recently posted: http://masterkey.peakboomers.com/return-of-the-mind-monsters/


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