Week 7 (It’s too late to ever go back)

A major shift has happened.
There is the old blue print that shows up occasionally, the new blue print that demands a voice. The subconscious that is growing louder and louder and the conscious mind that has handed over its reigns.
There are the shapes, services, forgiveness, the no opinions, and now, the Seven Day Diet.
If I didn’t have complete faith in Og, Fox, Emerson, Haanel, and the world within, I’d be completely lost. But because I agreed to just do the work, and leave the questions for later, I feel stronger and more rooted in the am that I am.
I can see how feelings of resentment, anger, and malice blocked my channels from receiving anything new from the Universe in the past. Just thinking about forgiving the people who I believed have wronged me or betrayed me, makes me feel lighter and puts my body more at ease. It was something I noticed right away.
For example, on the list of folks I forgave, during the webinar, were a few members of my family. People that I’ll be spending time with, at one point or another, during the holidays. Normally this would cause me some anxiety, but since forgiving them, I can literally visualize how stress-free and graceful each interaction will be. There will be none of the old ties, nothing that attaches me to them in any way. And because that is the case, ideas, positivity and love will just flow through me. For that I am grateful.
Regarding the Seven Day Mental Diet: I’ve started substituting every negative thought with “I am a child of the Most High. I am a child of God.”
I have my reasons for saying God, and not the Universe (which I won’t get in to) and it’s really been helping me stay away from any and everything that would make me feel like crap. I’m actually grateful to have so much excellent and fine wisdom from men who have since passed on. If you really think about it, some of the guys had it all thought out.
It’s just a matter of me doing the hard labor, while trusting the results, and having faith that if I persist long enough, like Og says, I will win.
I will persist. I will win.
Thanks Og.


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