Week 6 (A Serious Zone)

Lately, I’ve been in a serious zone. I’m talking about a magical flow. Most importantly, I am finding the time for everything that my heart desires.

Hopefully, you are too.

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve noticed this past week:

  1. Reading things out loud and with enthusiasm causes you to live each day like that. With purpose. It’s like you can feel the readings quietly changing the way you think about everyday things, such as taking a 30-minute walk. I mean, I’ve been walking with the energy of one thousands soldiers. Weird, but true. Each step I take is purposefully and meant to accomplish something.
  2. I will not commit to anything (or even write it down on the calendar) unless I know I am going to do it. Before I would say that I was going to do this, or that, even without thinking about what else needed to be done. This is no longer the case. Every commitment I make now is well-thought-out and made consciously and deliberately. I contribute this change to the fact that the subconscious has heard the phrase, “I always keep my promises” so many times it had no other choice but to make the necessary change.
  3. I stopped sweating the small stuff so that I can have more energy to think about the things that are most important to me. For example, if something ticks me off, I find myself not even want to think about it. Just because I know that there are other, more important, things that I do want to focus on.
  4. Greeting EACH day with love in my heart really makes a huge difference in the way I interact with other people. There just isn’t denying it.

6 thoughts on “Week 6 (A Serious Zone)

  1. Latasha, your 4 noticings are so spot on!! Inspirational and very very wise! I celebrate with you finding all the time for what your heart desires! Now that’s living your DMP!! I’m sharing your Blog so many others can benefit from your inspiration.


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