Week 9 (I am what I will to be.)

In all of my sittings, and readings, writings, and other activities, I’ve come to the realization that “I AM what I will to be.”

At this stage of the program, “I can be what I will to be” seems so elementary, because I now know better. The proof is not in the pudding because I’ve been DOING it.

The progress that I am making at home, in the gym, with the development of my non-profit, with my writings, and even in the lives of my children is because I’ve been willing it into existence. Using every part of my being, especially my subconscious, to make ME come true.

Therefore, I don’t feel that it’s any longer necessary to say “I can be…”

It’s been an amazing week, with lots of dots connecting and progress being made. It’s getting to the point where I can cut a thought off before it even pops into my mind. (Strange, I know? But because I’m the thinker of my thoughts, I already know where my thoughts are headed.) I can’t imagine how valuable this skill is going to be in the future when I’m working with young girls and marketing my book. And because exercising great control of my thoughts wasn’t something I was taught as a child, it’s mind-blowing to see its effects as an adult. Give me more control over my brain! More control over my thoughts! Give me more! I will have more. I must have more. It’s so gratifying to not always be subject to every one of my whims and impulses. To know that with enough training that I can be master of my thoughts and emotions. There isn’t any gift greater than this for me.


Week 8 (Paris got to me)

Admittedly, I allowed the bombing that took place in Paris to interrupt my flow of thinking which meant that I wasn’t as focused on myself as I’ve been since I began the MKMMA program. I was all over the place this week. But last night I sat with the yucky feelings, and thought about the minutes I wasted, and that made all of the difference. I am back now.

Something that I have noticed is that, besides working with children and starting my own non-profit organization, it is very difficult for me to come up with a vision for myself when it comes to other parts of my life. I’ve mentioned this before. I believe that it’s because other than that, I don’t consider much of anything else to be very important. For example, it would be great to have bulky muscles, the kind that Serena Williams is practically known for, but it’s not necessary to me. In fact, I am quite content with just staying in the range of 140-150 pounds. This kind of honest thinking now has me re-evaluating my DMP.

What is becoming of extreme importance to me is being able to financially provide for myself, and to have a career that I can be proud of. The fact that I am currently unemployed and my husband is the sole provider for our family is beginning to weigh heavily on me. I don’t like it one bit, and in January of 2016, I am going to make the necessary adjustments to change all of that.

What I am gathering from all of the readings is that we are our most predominate thoughts. That which we think about ourselves most of the day is what our world without looks like. That’s the truth if you’ve never been told it. Coming from my particular background, I am used to thinking destructive and shameful things about myself, so the fact that much of the MKMMA program is about creating a mental attitude that is positive and constructive is really eye-opening. I can see how the cells in my body and brain longed to do something different and better. Every single day now, I am bearing witness to my thoughts being in harmony with the seven laws of the mind. This change in thinking has provided me with all of the proof I needed to know that “I can be what I will to be.” Because that’s what these last eight weeks has shown me.

If I am thinking a negative thought, I will run into a nasty bitter person, or silently mumble a curse at the man or woman who cut me off with their cart in the grocery store. However, just as soon as I change my thought to a positive one, and focus on it for a few minutes, the feeling is gone, and instead of silently cursing the person, I almost don’t even acknowledge what they’ve done. That is the gift of the brain, and the power of all every single cell in your body. They come to do the work. It doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive. They come by the billions and trillions ready to do the work that your thoughts have put into action. And as soon as I change my thinking from negative to positive, I can literally feel the shift take place inside of my body.

I’ve made my intent for the rest of the time with the MKMMA program to do as GMA says, “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”

My only aim now, and for the rest of my life is to become the sole commander of my thoughts, my attitude, and my personal goals. I will not allow any person or their problems to affect me or throw me off my square. Cultivating this type of mentality will mean that I will have to analyze my every thought and really put into practice everything that I’ve learned in the last eight weeks, but just imagining and knowing what will be possible after I gain total control of my thinking is what will keep me focused and persistent and determined to win

Week 7 (It’s too late to ever go back)

A major shift has happened.
There is the old blue print that shows up occasionally, the new blue print that demands a voice. The subconscious that is growing louder and louder and the conscious mind that has handed over its reigns.
There are the shapes, services, forgiveness, the no opinions, and now, the Seven Day Diet.
If I didn’t have complete faith in Og, Fox, Emerson, Haanel, and the world within, I’d be completely lost. But because I agreed to just do the work, and leave the questions for later, I feel stronger and more rooted in the am that I am.
I can see how feelings of resentment, anger, and malice blocked my channels from receiving anything new from the Universe in the past. Just thinking about forgiving the people who I believed have wronged me or betrayed me, makes me feel lighter and puts my body more at ease. It was something I noticed right away.
For example, on the list of folks I forgave, during the webinar, were a few members of my family. People that I’ll be spending time with, at one point or another, during the holidays. Normally this would cause me some anxiety, but since forgiving them, I can literally visualize how stress-free and graceful each interaction will be. There will be none of the old ties, nothing that attaches me to them in any way. And because that is the case, ideas, positivity and love will just flow through me. For that I am grateful.
Regarding the Seven Day Mental Diet: I’ve started substituting every negative thought with “I am a child of the Most High. I am a child of God.”
I have my reasons for saying God, and not the Universe (which I won’t get in to) and it’s really been helping me stay away from any and everything that would make me feel like crap. I’m actually grateful to have so much excellent and fine wisdom from men who have since passed on. If you really think about it, some of the guys had it all thought out.
It’s just a matter of me doing the hard labor, while trusting the results, and having faith that if I persist long enough, like Og says, I will win.
I will persist. I will win.
Thanks Og.

Week 6 (A Serious Zone)

Lately, I’ve been in a serious zone. I’m talking about a magical flow. Most importantly, I am finding the time for everything that my heart desires.

Hopefully, you are too.

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve noticed this past week:

  1. Reading things out loud and with enthusiasm causes you to live each day like that. With purpose. It’s like you can feel the readings quietly changing the way you think about everyday things, such as taking a 30-minute walk. I mean, I’ve been walking with the energy of one thousands soldiers. Weird, but true. Each step I take is purposefully and meant to accomplish something.
  2. I will not commit to anything (or even write it down on the calendar) unless I know I am going to do it. Before I would say that I was going to do this, or that, even without thinking about what else needed to be done. This is no longer the case. Every commitment I make now is well-thought-out and made consciously and deliberately. I contribute this change to the fact that the subconscious has heard the phrase, “I always keep my promises” so many times it had no other choice but to make the necessary change.
  3. I stopped sweating the small stuff so that I can have more energy to think about the things that are most important to me. For example, if something ticks me off, I find myself not even want to think about it. Just because I know that there are other, more important, things that I do want to focus on.
  4. Greeting EACH day with love in my heart really makes a huge difference in the way I interact with other people. There just isn’t denying it.