Week 5 (It’s Delicious)

Life is, of course.

The MKMMA Program, as well.

Reading some of the other member’s blogs and it’s nice to know that people are hanging in there. I hate to see people beat themselves up. Even those folks who decided not to go through with this course shouldn’t be kicking themselves. Nothing ever comes of it.

You’d be surprised to see the obstacles people are overcoming just to meet their deadlines. It’s so encouraging and I’m learning so much about the human spirit from other members.

It’s week 5 (we’re just about into week 6) and I’m finding that my habits are growing legs and arms of their own. And I’m getting to the point where when I say I’m going to do something, I do it. The alternative is to feel like complete crap. And who wants to feel like that, right?! No me.

This week my guide is supposed to introduce me to the other members in my groups, and I’m so excited. I just know that there will be folks who I can learn from, and encourage. Just that thought alone pleases me.


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