Week 4 (75%)

…it was all I had to give this week and that was enough. The old blue print tried making me feel bad, to no avail though. I just kept it moving because I have faith that everything I desire now in life is going to manifest. Yup. I just have faith.

It turns out that I have to revise my DMP yet again because, even though I am talking about helping others deals with the issues of abuse and neglect, the subby doesn’t know the difference. And, while I find that truly hard to believe…whatever. It’s a small issue, and one that I will not allow myself to get stuck on.

I find that the fourth week is when you really have to dig your heels in and remember why you applied for the scholarship. In my case, it was my cousin who encouraged me to do so. She mentioned it one day on something I had posted on Facebook and we never spoke about it again. About a month later, I remembered her comment and asked her to provide me with more information (which she did) and wah lah! Here I stand among some of the greatest of men.

I will say this: everything is getting so much easier now. My subconscious is literally leading the way and I can feel the difference. If it wants to go for a walk, but my conscious mind doesn’t want to, my body tenses up. It’s like my subconscious is screaming out “WE WILL TAKE THIS DAMN WALK!” And there isn’t any excuse or reasoning strong enough to make me not take the walk. I must do it. At all costs, too.

I’m super-excited to see what week 5 will bring.

How about you?


2 thoughts on “Week 4 (75%)

  1. That is great to see the subby wanting a walk. Yes it is work. It appears to be more work than I thought too. But I think that once I get in the groove of things, the resistance is starting to slow down and I seem to get more done. Glad you are here though.


  2. Bravo! Crab that old blue print by the ear like a naughty child and take it out more often. Comfort zones are great when there is a need for protection,.but staying there too long and no one will remember you are there. Let’s us all take our blue prints for a walk this week.


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