Week 3 (Moving right along…)

The Good News: On Monday, I was supposed to spend the day with some girlfriends but I choose to take a walk around Peace Valley Park instead. Can’t remember a time I felt more certain of something I WANTED TO DO.

I contribute this choice to the information on Scroll 1 about doing away with things that no longer benefit us.

There was a time when I would have rushed into the city to be with people. But I choose a more purpose-filled, deliberate course of action this afternoon and couldn’t be prouder of myself. It was EXACTLY what I wanted to do. No question.

The Bad News: I failed to carry this attitude over to Wednesday. In my soul, I knew that I was wasting my time but failed to muster up the courage to do what benefited me. So that it would be less likely to happen in the future, I allowed myself to sit with my yucky feelings for about fifteen minutes before jumping back into the life I am created for myself.

In Other News: My PPN’s (which were autonomy and liberty) did not support my DMP. At first, this was very frustrating for me to hear. But, on faith, I went ahead and really thought about what my Definite Major Purpose is, and from there the words wrote themselves.

Anyway, my new PPN’s are Helping Others and Legacy.

In Other, Other, News: I am on my 3rd day of reading The Scroll Marked 2 (yes, I did get an early start) and really couldn’t be more thrilled to approach each day with love in my heart. I can already see how much more you’re able to accomplish with love. When led by love something breaks open from your chest and you begin to behave in ways you never would have believed.

I witnessed this in myself this afternoon while volunteering for lunch duty at my youngest child’s elementary school. Normally, I would be put off by some of the other mother’s lack of participation when it comes to wiping down the table and sweeping up the floor after the kids all went back to class. But today, none of that bothered me. I did my job. Embraced the fact that not everybody is willing to work as hard as others and continued to do my job in the most loving open way possible.

Needless to say, I left the school whistling. Not bad for my third week, huh?


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