Week 2 (Faith….)

That’s the only word I can possibly think of at this moment to describe what’s needed in order to finish the MKMMA PROGRAM.


Because you don’t quite know how your life will be changed once you’ve completed the program. At the same time, if you’re doing the work, you’ll find yourself getting something from the daily reading and other exercises. It’s really the simple.

What are you getting?

It depends on what you need. For myself, it’s an internal re-ordering. Since my very first reading of The Greatest Salesman in the World, there is a new appreciation for my time, the energy given to things like negative thoughts, and other people’s opinions.  I am seeing myself in a whole new light, more refined, and less weighted. Others may get something else.

Why am I still here?

I’ve tried just about any and every program on the Self-Help Market that you could think of, only to always end up a few feet away from my goal.

At least it’s always been like this. For example: back when I was about 88 pounds heavier the goal was to lose weight AND build toned and bulky muscle. Sure, I lost all of the fat, but what it took to stay in the gym and begin the process of building muscle, I never seemed to have. I started off strong: going to the gym 4x’s a week, lifting weights, working with a personal trainer, and finding time to precook my meals.

However, something else would come along and I’d take a detour. Vowing to get back to the routine (just as soon as I was finished dealing with the other issue)with the same energy and ferocity as before, only to end up back at square one when the time came.

I couldn’t keep up the momentum, and severely lacked the discipline to stay with one thing until it was perfected.

I’m paying for it now.

If your thoughts are scattered so is your energy. You can do something about that. It won’t happen overnight, but one day, you’ll feel the shift.

From there, follow it.

And that’s where I am at with the program. Going with the flow because I can feel the shift happening.

So, when I say faith, I am simply talking about being supported by something greater than myself, and the belief that I have the mind state, the work ethic, perseverance, and discipline to go after dreams bigger than what I am used to achieving. Having faith is the belief that my work habits, enthusiasm for life, and my work will speak for itself.

I’ve never had this kind of faith in myself before. It’s scary, and eye-opening.


3 thoughts on “Week 2 (Faith….)

  1. LaTasha, your clarity around your faith and being supported by something greater than yourself is palpable. Your faith is inspiring and uplifting. Great to feel you staying in the flow.


  2. Congratulations on finding your faith. When we set our goals to be our best, the universe supports us, but only to the extent that we can have faith that they are there for us. I believe in a benevolent universe. You are here because your Soul is craving the true light within you to shine. You are in the right place at the right time. Keep up the great work. It does pay off. I can see this in myself with only 3 weeks in.


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